THEY. Talk Working With Timbaland

R&B duo THEY. sat down with Billboard to tak about their future projects and how it’s been working with Timbaland.

You've collaborated with heavyweight producers such as Skrillex and Timbaland. What was it like to work with a pop producer versus a hip-hop producer?
There is always going to be the slight differences, but they each had their unique flavor. Obviously, Timbaland is a legend. Skrillex is a legend in the making. [They're gifted] in their respective fields. At the end of the day, music is music! We never hold back what a song means, regardless of who we are working with -- we are just focused on making the best song possible. That is why we can make a song like our new single, “Thrive.” That song has an OutKast [B.O.B.] “Bombs over Baghdad” feel. Then, there is a song like “Donte’s Creek,” which is a straight-up pop song. Our collaboration with Skrillex was “Working For It.” It was a really dope moment [careerwise]. Still, both producers are talented.


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