A Re-Cap Of All Tracks By Timbaland Of 2018

Here is a Re-Cap of all productions by Timbaland of the year 2018.

I Don't Need Your Love (Promo) (July 2)
- I Don't Need Your Love (July 2)
(Produced With Federico Vindver & Rob Knox)

Bruno Martini & Shaun Jacobs
Youngr (Promo) (October 18)
- Youngr
(Produced With Bruno Martini)

Jane Zhang
Adam & Eve (Promo) (October 10)
- Adam & Eve
(Produced With Jim Beanz)

Justin Timberlake
Man Of The Woods (February 2)
- Filthy (January 4)
- Sauce
- Say Something feat. Chris Stapleton (January 25)
- Young Man
(All Tracks Produced With Danjahandz & Justin Timberlake

Little Mix
LM5 (November 16)
- More Than Words feat. Kamille
(Produced With Angel Lopez & Federico Vindver)

F.A.M.E. (May 18)
- Mi DeclaraciĆ³n feat. Timbaland & SID
(Produced With Larrance Dopson & Angel Lopez)

Mariah Carey
Caution (November 16)
- 8th Grade
(Produced With Angel Lopez & Federico Vindver)

Meek Mill & Joyner Lucas
Run It (Promo) (January 25)
- Run It

Simulation Theory (November 9)
- Propaganda
(Produced With Muse & Rich Costey)

NHS Voices
With A Little Help From My Friends (Promo) (July 5)
- With A Little Help From My Friends (July 5)
(Produced With Jon Cohen)

PC Tweezie
Already (Promo) (September 30)
- Already feat. Lil' Wayne

Princess Nokia
Erase The Hate (Anthem) (Promo) (August 8)
- Erase The Hate (Anthem)
(Produced With Angel Lopez)

Sam Smith
Pray (Promo) (March 30)
- Pray feat. Logic (Remix) (March 30)
(Produced With Steve Fitzmaurice & Jimmy Napes)

Ski Mask The Slump God
The Book Of Eli (Studio Session) (May 13)
- Run
- With Vengeance feat. Offset
- Worldwide (Produced With WheresMyParka & Kashaka)

Studio Session (Unreleased)
- Fuck A Single

The Internet
Come Over (Promo) (October 27)
- Come Over (Timbaland Remix)

Studio Session (Unreleased)
- Drip

V Bozeman
V (EP) (March 27)
- CALIFORN-I-A feat. Timbaland
- Don't Know What U Got feat. Timbaland
- Ladylike
- No Love Lost feat. Timbaland
- Recovery
- Ricky Bobby
- Superstar

I Am Woman (Promo) (Unreleased)
- I Am Woman

Wiz Khalifa
Uncle Drew OST (June 15)
- What's The Play
(Produced With Tha Ghost)

Icarus Falls (December 14)
- Too Much feat. Timbaland (August 2)
(Produced With Fede Vindver & Angel Lopez)


Keri Hilson
Studio Session (Unreleased)
- Go Head feat. Timbaland


Missy Elliott
Triple Threat (Promo) (Unreleased)
- Triple Threat feat. Timbaland & Lil' Kim (Remix)


Lil' Wayne
Studio Session (Unreleased)
- Still Coughin'


Hard Candy (Studio Session) (Unreleased)
- 4 Minutes (Alternate II)


  1. I dont know what I think of this list. Its all over the place. I wish Tim can just focus on one genre at a time. His sound has been so scattered over the past 10 year its almost like you cant recognize his sound anymore to a certain extent.

  2. thank you so much for your work man. im so grateful. you are so appreciated man. god bless you entirely