Timbaland x Fatherly.com Interview, Talks ‘Nighttime Symphony’

Timbaland sat down with Fatherly.com where they discussed reaching out to kids with his new book ‘Nighttime Symphony’, raising musical kids and honesty.

So what inspired you to write your first kids’ book? It’s a lovely book, and I think every parent with a young kid will appreciate the subject.
I see things in color. I was always fascinated by color books and flipping pages. I didn’t want to make things too complicated. It’s about bedtime.

Children’s books require you to stick to a specific length, have a message, and be funny without being corny. Writing a children’s book is hard!
You think so? If you have a kid inside you — I think I never grew up because I’m a geek and a music person — it’s  fun. I relate to kids so much. It’s so easy to relate to them. If it has a spirit of fun, and yes it has to have a message, and it’s always been hard for me to go to sleep. I don’t think there’s anything like being too corny with kids. It’s not possible.


Have you sent the book to JT yet?
I’m about to. I’m about to.

Raising three kids while working with the biggest names in music must have been quite the experience. What stands out for you as a highlight?
Growing up with your kids. Talking about the same subjects. I don’t sugarcoat nothing with my kids. I’m still young and I see them teaching me stuff about the future. Having a child, it’s almost like you grow together. It’s almost like that’s my friend, even though I am the father. They come to me to talk about this guy or this girl. I’m being a father but I’m befriending them. I’m not a stuffy father. I want them to question things. They tell me what I should be doing. They tell me what is old school. You can’t beat that. They’re becoming young adults.

When you say you don’t sugarcoat things, you mean you’re blunt and candid with your kids?
I’m very honest. In today’s society, the bullying and stuff, that’s real. My kids go to private school. My daughter, sometimes girls bully her. I don’t condone violence, but I am not in school so I try to imagine myself being at school. It makes me think. I try to give them the right thing to do. You try to do the right thing but you need to speak from a realistic point of view. I try to be as detailed as possible.

So aside from the Baby Shark anomaly, how did you teach your kids to appreciate good music?
I think that’s in the genes. It’s funny because they have amazing ears. I don’t tell them nothing. They’re teaching me.

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