Ian Carey & Rosette Ft. Timbaland & Brasco - "Amnesia" MUSIC VIDEO

Well the Music Video is finally here! After much delay it has been unleashed to us.
The video is primarily about Rosette & her friends going out for a photo shoot but it seems she is needed in the studio with Ian & Timothy. Later she goes to a club where she spies Brasco and the two apparently start flirting with each other. The video ends with Timbaland making his "signature" crazy faces in the recording booth.
You may purchase the song and many more remixes here: Beat Port


  1. Timbo The King looking nice, song is naah

  2. this shit only worth watching once.. but i gotta admit rosette kinda made me horny

  3. could of done without the rap. shes pretty dope and pretty and tim never disappoints.