Ian Carey on collaborating with Timbaland

Recently Beat Portal.com sat down with Ian Carey to talk about how "Amnesia" came about.
Here are the parts about Timbaland:
How did you manage to hook up with Timbaland for “Amnesia”?
Well having moved back to the U.S. and having my original roots in the U.S. hip-hop scene, I know a lot of people in the urban music world in the States. It’s actually a small community, and I met his two partners in his production company, to whom I pitched the idea of a feature. Everyone was on board and it all worked out great. He loved the song, and that was really what made this happen.

What was it like to work with Timbaland? Was he in the studio with you, or did he just send you the vocals? And was it your idea or his to use the Auto-Tune effects on his voice?
Timbaland is a great guy, a bit of an eccentric for sure—aren’t all of us creative types, though?—but genuinely a cool guy to work with. We met in the studio and he did some things on his own as well, so it was a combination of both. As for the Auto-Tune, I think this is something that he is always using a little bit when he is doing “singing” type parts, and a bit was needed to give it the right effect, but to be honest, there was not that much applied, nothing like you might hear on some other “urban” records these days.
It was a great honor to work with Tim, because he was someone I always looked up to—I even used to think of him the Quincy Jones of the 2000s. It was especially an honor to have produced the track 100% myself and had such a great producer like Tim come and do a vocal performance and leave the production to me. I was really in awe at the thought of that.

You previously worked with Snoop Dogg – what are the main differences or similarities between him and Timbaland, as collaborators?
Working with Snoop was also really cool. I think the main difference is that Snoop does tons of features and does a lot of guest appearances, whereas Timbaland is very selective on his guest appearances. Tim is not the kind of guy that does stuff for money—he loved the track and that’s why he jumped on; we talked about this a lot when we were working.

The interview goes on to talk about Ian's upcoming album and how he thinks House music is affecting the U.S.
You can read the whole interview here.

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