Timbaland Passion Admin intro series: introducing C.J Freek D

 Hey wassup guys, Im CJ Freek D, im 21 years old, i live in Montreal, in Canada. i study in insurances and financial services. on my free time, i make music. i also enjoy playing badminton, writing, listening to music(duh) and reading. 

Now im sure you guys wanna know how did i become attached with Timbaland's music, well it was simple: the first hip hop song that i heard was a Timbaland beat. i think there was Aaaliyah in that song too. so since i was 6, we could say that i was a great Timbo fan. What i really like about Timbaland it's that his style is so unorthodox, but yet so unique, which totally created a new style of hip hop according to me.

Timbaland is also my main inspiration for my beats. i can even say that he's my musical dad. i did my ''blazin' wednesdays'' inspired from the ''Timbaland thursdays'' and im proud about the fact that i've did 23 weeks of blazin beats (1 month and 3 weeks, thats amazing right ?) i crave for timbo beats really, im that type of guys who always search on the net to find new stuff from him. i cannot live without his beats. it's relative, even Einstein would have said that (lol wut? was that my line ?). Hell ! i even got Timberland boots ! (LMAO yep thats right! ).

Now i know you guys want each of us admins make a top ten of timbaland productions, well the thing is i dont really have a favorite :-S i shall post that later. So that was my little introduction. that was ur boi C.J. if you wanna reach me :

facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TrikDawG
twitter : https://twitter.com/CJFreekD

if you wanna listen to a few of my stuff : http://soundcloud.com/cjfreekd

and there's a few crazy wacky pictures from me down below (really i had nothing to do LMAO)  

so Peace out ! :-)

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