Throwback Sunday #2: Sista - Good Thang (and some bonuses)

I think nobody here needs to be introduced to Sista. But for those who still don't know, it was a heavily Jodeci-influenced R&B group, formed in the late 80's and consisitng of LaShawn Shellman, Chonita Coleman, Radia Scott and of course the ultrafamous leader, Missy Elliott. Timbaland worked with the group plenty of times - first as Missy's friend (in the pre-bassment days, when her group was still called Fayze), and after Sista was signed by DeVante to his label Swing Mob, where Timbaland also found a place for himself.

The group's debut album, featuring production by DeVante Swing, his younger brother Dalvin and of course Timbo was prepared to be released soon after the release of its first hit single "Brand New", but finally got cancelled. HOWEVER, some of the CD's were already finished and somehow managed to hit the stores. Thank God, because today we can enjoy it. :)

The track I'd like to share today is in my personal top ten of Timbaland's greatest productions. It's a slow R&B track with a bit darker vibe then the rest of the album. It also has some cool raps by Missy herself and fantastic harmonies. Take a listen:

Fantastic beat, huh? Well, the credits say that it's produced by DeVante Swing and Timbaland. People were wondering how much of this track was DeVante's work, and how much input had Timabaland in it, since Tim mostly served as a ghost producer for D, sometimes not getting credits for his work. But now it's all clear, thanks to Larry Live! Listen once again to the S.B.I. demo "Fess Up", featuring GY:

Sounds similar? :D It's the same beat! Tim just slowed it down a bit and gave it to Sista! Sooo, what's the conclusion? Is "Good Thang" a Timbaland-produced track with DeVante's drums? No sir.

Listen to Usher's debut single, labeled as a DeVante production (but Timbo still gets credit for ALL instruments):

Those are almost the same drums as in "Good Thang", just played in a diferrent way.
So can we asume "Good Thang" is a song SOLELY produced by Timbo? Tell me your opinion in the comments section! :)


  1. Nice post, interesting info :)
    Defintely makes you wonder to what extent all these Devante labeled tracks are all/mainly Timbaland productions. By the way, your remark about your personal timbaland top 10 made me thinking, it will be cool if all Timbalandpassion blogger admins would introduce themselves and spit out their Timbaland productions top 10!

    1. that's a great idea! we'll start this thing really soon, stay tuned :)

  2. Yep, you were right I like it :)

  3. the good old days when music was auto tune free :D

  4. U guys need to do some further research before concluding on this topic! Thankfully a few people that were also there with dj timmy tim back in his schooling days have given their own accounts. Tim was only credited for drum programming on can u get with it, he cannot have credit for all instruments, firstly, if u listen to the start and through out there is piano, something that we don't ever hear the use of from tim. Not saying he cant play but i never heard a nice piano solo come from himself. Second the chorus is done using vocoder/talkbox something tim dont know how to use.

    No disrespect dude can make hits, its just the matter of where and how he came with a game changing sound was always questionable until finally people began coming out. Real.