UPDATE! Break Ya Back: Sample Info

Okay, so shortly after the premiere of our radio rip we can tell you guys what song Timbo has sampled for "Break Ya Back". Thanks to one of our chatters named... BreakYaBackSample, we can announce it's "I Against I" by Mos Def and Massive Attack, a song from the Blade II soundtrack:
At 0:38 you can clearly hear the melody that's playing throughout "Break Ya Back", though the radio quality might make it difficult to notice. However, it's easy to spot during the verses. Thank you BrakYaBackSample for the sample, lol! :)

Edit: Here's another song using the same melody, it's propably the REAL Break Your Back sample, though it's possible there's much more tracks using this melody (it's a really catchy one). Now you decide which song Timbo used for his newest single. So here's the second clue, check out the chorus:

What's your opinion?

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  1. Massive Attack without a doubt