Throwback Sunday #3: Timbaland & Magoo Feat. Larry Live - Can Ya Get With It

Hello ya'll! It's your boy Peter G. coming back after a long pause! I'm sorry for my long absence but my computer crashed and I've had no idea what to do with it. However, I managed to fix it myself - I've simply put my ram memory into another slot and it's working again. :|

I'm so dumb, I am really really dumb, for real (*Antoine Dodson face*). But don't worry folks, I'm back with a sack full of ideas, samples and theories, and I'll begin NOW!

Today's song is very very special. It's a rare gem by Timbaland and Magoo with companionship of their long time friend and collaborator Larry Live. For long time we had no idea who was the guy backing up Magoo on this song, since Larry never took part in other releases (at least I don't know any examples), but that changed after his leaking spree, when he gave us some cool demos by Tim's higschool group Surrounded By Idiots (with Pharrell, Mags, Larry and more) and even one from the Bassment Days (thanks Larry!). Now we officialy know who's the MC on this golden track. Here it is:

I just can't resist the magic of this track. I love the "oldschool" vibe Tim added to it, it reminds me of hip-hop's golden era and the "It Takes Two" record value. I definitely enjoy Mag's flows, especially his half-clever, half-silly, but always amazing lyrics (he sounds like a real rap godfather on this one, lol) and Larry's tennis metaphor (oh man, that one was grrrrrrrreat!). Some people assume that this joint is a remix of Usher's debut single "Can U Get Wit It" (also produced by Timbaland), but in my opinion it's just a rumour. For those who don't remember that joint, HERE IT IS.

Most Tim fans will propably think that "Can Ya Get With It" is a leaked track from a demo tape or someone's personal vault, but that's not true: it was released on the Priority Records promo CD containing some unique, hard to find tracks by various artists. But since the promo was FREE, I think it won't be a problem to post the track on hulkshare so everone can download it.

For those who like some additional goodies, here you have some pics of the promo CD itself:

As you can see on the third pic, our today's throwback joint is the 17th track on the CD, labeled as "DeVante's Private Collection Feat. Timbaland & Magoo"... Well, that's a confusing name. And Larry wasn't even mentioned...

All the Bassment lovers should be pleased with track #10, Ginuwine's "I Want You". It's G's FIRST SINGLE EVER, released BEFORE "Ginuwine... Da Bachelor" in the Swing Mob Days. Of course produced by DeVante (and propably Darryl Pearson too), this song gained some heavy airplay back in the days, but suddenly it was forgotten when "Da Bachelor" came out and smashed the charts.

And for all my sample lovers, here's a little present:

The legandary joint by one of the fathers of funk music, George Clinton, which was also sampled by Dr. Dre for Snoop Dogg's debut single. Peep the baseline at 0:18 and throughout.

Thanks for your attention.


  1. hey, wanted to comment a while back, dope post cause i love vintage Timbo BUT a couple points.
    I WANT YOU prod by Devante was never ginuwine's first single before PONY. It was unreleased, this compilation came out many years after Ginuwine's Bachelor dropped. I think it was the late 90s when Devante was trying to release old Bassment days left over as a compilation called Devante's Private Collection. Another thing is that this track as posted is not even a Timbaland production. It was originally a Timbaland track, but the version on this promo is a re-mixed version/re-produced version by MARK MORALES. I have the vinyl somewhere with the credits on it.

  2. Well, I'm really impressed! :D Thanks for all the additional info, however I've found many opinions from people who actually remember this song being played on the radio in 1995/1996, and if my memory ain't fooling me Static Major Is Music also made a post about this song saying the same. And yeah, it might be true what you're saying bout the DeVante's Private Collection compilation cause I'm not really into DeVante's post-bassment career. And the most important thing - do you have the original track? :D Or do you know somebody who can get it somehow? Thanks for your comment, I appreciate every smart opinion and nice feedback to my posts, cheers! :)