Timbaland Interview with Power 105.1 FM

As I mentioned in the previous post Timbaland is on the move with the promotions for his new album. He told a few days ago that he doesn't sleep, only catnaps haha.

To point on the main elements of this now legend interview:

  1. Missy Elliott's album is DONE! It's just a matter of getting it released now and pushing the recently performed singles (9th Inning, Triple Threat, School Bell Ring).
  2. Once Timbaland and Jay-Z get together in the studio, Tim wants to produce an entire album for Jay, despite the 2 not seeing each other as much anymore.
  3. He mentions how he went from a nobody to a somebody, particularly because of his work with Justin Timberlake.
  4. How he rebuilt himself from going to fat to super built, especially because he was trying re-brand himself for the Shock Value series.
  5. Timbaland maintains that Magoo is still his best friend and that Melvin has managed his money properly by investing in real estate.
  6. Timbaland confirms that Lil Wayne and Rick Ross are on SV3, he wants to record with Kanye West, and that this album will contain more rappers.
  7. Timbo talks about who he is because of the team he has behind him such as Brian Byrd and Larry Live.
  8. Lastly Timbaland said that he is working on trying to share an unreleased Aaliyah song for the fans, and that Drake could be involved, unconfirmed, and that he would do it for free since he believes that "money shouldn't be made from the dead".

So we are in for a hell of a ride this summer with all these projects coming through!
You may view this interview in 2 parts on its source website Power1051FM.com

Finally Props to ZakH & K-Otik for notifying us!


  1. K-Otic posted it first in the chat, not ZakH...

  2. this was a really good interview, tho i thought the album titled won't be "Sv3" but i'm happy he keep it.. and i'm excited 4 aaliyah-drake collabo ..
    this is one of ur gr8test postes ,bigups