Timati & Timbaland Feat. Grooya, La La Land, Max C - "Not All About The Money" MUSIC VIDEO

As it seems the behind-the-scenes pic we posted here a while ago was actually from the music video for "Not All About The Money". Now without further delay, cue the clip:

In the video Timati & Grooya basically thugs who go robbing various people for their money. Timbaland however just provides the ride, jet, and support to the duo, while La La Land & Max C perform the hook in club-styled DJ Set out on an airfield. As the video progresses Timati loses his bling, Timbaland, his Jet, his car all disappear with the ending showing a statement saying "All About The Money".

The song is produced by Korneliya Polyak and the video is directed by Pavel Hooyakov.
Shout Out to Russian Fan Timbo for informing us!

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  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    typical garbage ass russian video..