Timbaland Ft. Ne-Yo - "Hands In The Air" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Enough is enough, no more waiting! Here it is, the Official Music Video for "Hands In The Air" directed by Marc Klassfeld:

The plot is simple: Timbaland is at a club by the bar drinking his new drink "Le Sutra" wearing hipster glasses when the DJ (played by his son Demetrius) starts jamming the song. A woman (Emily) then approaches Tim and he starts to sing in an attempt to flirt with her, and as the song hits the first chorus Emily then hits the dancefloor to perform (with the aid of other dancers) a sexy dance routine with chairs.
As Ne-Yo's verse kicks in, we see Ne-Yo in the private part of the club simply getting it on with his girl and the soon joins Timbaland by the bar. As the next chorus kicks in, Timbaland is apparently admiring everyone on the dancefloor now, including Lyrica Anderson, who then joins Timbaland & Demetrius in the DJ booth.
The video continues with Ne-Yo & Timbaland continuing to perform the song and eventually ends out with Timbaland spraying paint from a hose-pipe at everyone on the dancefloor.
The video concludes with Emily putting Ne-Yo's hat on Timbaland's head (sideways) and proceeds to leave. Various clips from the Step Up: Revolutions film are also utilized throughout the video.

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