Danny! Ft. Gavin Castleton & Amber Lynn Tamblyn - "Evil"

RIGHT, So going through our emails today (at last!) I had received a track from an artist named "Danny!" (you can see his website here) who's come out with a song entitled "Evil". Now what does this have anything to do with Timbaland you're all asking yourselves, well I'll tell you: NOTHING! HAHA, ok well the song is meant to pay homage production-wise to how Tim was during his Swing-Mob days, so in a way this song is kinda a little tribute to him, have a peep at it:

The song was recently performed on Jimmy Fallon (though I can't find any footage) so this song is not one of those amateur-made tracks that you find going around the web these days, however I'm just a simple blogger and can only share my view on the matter, I'm going to let all you readers take the decision on this:
Does it sound like a Timbo-production-tribute? Or does it just sound like another song to talk low of and leave at that? So you know the deal, leave your opinions in the comments...

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