Tim & Missy Album Updates

Ok so this is gonna be a quick update for y'all:

Missy Elliott's album (as of now is untitled) is pretty much DONE as far as the recording process goes, so it's literally in the hands of the Atlantic Records officials... What's gonna happen is that Missy will release ANOTHER single very soon (described to be ignorant) which features two of her homies (that'll be a surprise) and after that single she will unleash the long-awaited album at last! However there is still no word as to what the album will be called, the project is called "Block Party" BUT that may not be the final name of the album, what you gotta do is tweet her with your ideas of names for the album, one strong contender is "Class Dismissed".

Timbaland's album is also pretty much done, Tim recorded well over 200 songs for the project, and they've selected 17 tracks for it from those over-200. Brian Byrd told me it was the hardest choices they had to make in a long while. Timbo however is sticking true to his word that Missy is coming out first. Same as Missy, the project is called "Shock Value 3" however that may not be the final name of the album, so once again what you've gotta do is tweet him with your ideas of names for the album, 2 other strong contenders though are "Ezekiel's Wheel" and "Still King: 20 Years".

One last word, be on the lookout, particularly on TimbalandThursdays.com, as they're working on getting ANOTHER track out from there, most likely a joint hidden somewhere in the vault, Byrd's description of it was "A definite banger, been rockin' this track for 5 months straight". So stay tuned SupaFriends and MEAddicts!


  1. "Class Dismissed" sounds good for missy LP
    "Ezkiel's Wheel" or "Still King" for Tim's LP

    about timbo thursday track i need to know the date of da release so i can put the "word on road"

    1. Sorry Boodi, no word yet, best find out from Brian what day it'll come

    2. Bloc party of course ! Why anothrr ?humm ? Shock value 3 too, ezkiel xheel its strange.. And still the king sound like a best of name, wtf ? Go can't wait

  2. i've changed my mind about "Ezkiel's Wheel" tho i think still dope also "Still King" ,, but i noticed if tim wants good promotion 4 his album he gotta stick wit Sv3