Pusha T collaboration with Timbaland

Well as it seems that Pusha T from GOOD Music wanted to reach out to Tim for a collaboration on his upcoming debut album...
In an interview with Vulture.com he mentions how he stalked Tim and Missy:
"Is there any artist or producer who you’re stalking but has been elusive? Now would be a great time to shout them out.
Oh yeah. You know someone I’m gonna Twitter-stalk? I tried to but she don’t tweet enough? Missy. I just went through a whole begging ordeal with Timbaland and I just did a record for him today so he said, “For sure. I promise you. I can get you on this. Blasé blasé blah.” And I’m sure he can."

Well the big question did he actually get in the studio with them? Of course he did! Well Timbo at least, no word yet on Missy though..
So it seems as if we're getting a collaboration from the 2, and it looks like it may end up on SV3! Now should he be successful in getting a collab with Missy, then that is the collab that would most likely Tim-produced track on his own album.

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