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YO YO BLOG VIEWERS! It's about time we did a promotion campaign to get people to "Like" us on Facebook

So what are you waiting for? Click here to join up now! Believe me, BIG THINGS can and WILL happen if we can get all the Timbaland fans in one place!
So come join, and then get all your friends/family/pets/whatevers who listen and enjoy Timbaland music to join TODAY!

It's about time we did a promotion campaign to get people in to our Facebook Page, allow me to explain why you should become a member:

  1. It's a user-friendly page
  2. You can have all/most of your questions answered there at your own leisure
  3. We have big names there such as Brian Byrd, Hannon Lane, Larry Live, Sebastian, Lyrica Anderson, Chally, Marcus Spence, Danja, Jimmy CoDean, Brasco and more as well as regular SupaFriend fans like yourselves in our private group (contact us for more info on that)
  4. There are regular updates there, either new or old, so you're always entertained in a Timbo fashion
  5. Any member can submit their own images to our growing gallery, as well as banners for this site and the Facebook Group
  6. You can invite your friends to the Like page to show them how we roll and support Timbaland
  7. Lastly, it's majorly interactive, we welcome ANYONE

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