Timbaland & Mike Daddy - "Urban Pop 2"

Allow to me clarify that admin CJ Freek D was meant to blog this, but couldn't due to work commitments.

Thanks to The Timbaland Buzz who had previously reported the Extreme Music venture with Timbaland and Mike Daddy Evans, I am proud to bring to you the next album in the series including 12 new songs with executive production by Tim, which brings a total count of 37 out of the 75 (then) promised tracks:

  1. Arrows In Threes
  2. Sun Comes Up
  3. Hollywood Girls
  4. Stick Ya Chest Out
  5. Money
  6. Make A Little Room
  7. Voodoo
  8. Bad Boy
  9. Fever
  10. Tip Top
  11. Belly Dancer
  12. Bring It To Me
You can check out the tracks online here


  1. all the tracks suck...big time!

  2. Cant download it° :(

  3. I like the hollywood girls (8) Good song ! so bad i can't download :(

    1. I know, me too D: (Thnaks CC Workaholics xd)