New Music Preview: Timbaland Ft. Lil Wayne & T-Pain - Untitled ( Live preview from SHAGGFEST 2012)

New music preview from Timbaland new album tentatively titled SV3. This track currently also untitled features Lil Wayne and T-Pain. It was previewed at this years Shaggfest earlier in the year. Thoughts on this track and how Timbo's new album is shaping up?


  1. this has been posted in the chat before, so why is it up just now ???

    1. that's weird, i thought we posted this ages ago too

  2. i knw its gon' be my jam on LP

  3. I dont see how anybody can not like this hot shyt right here. That shyt cray I cant wait till him and missy really start burnnin shyt up. Its the calm befor the storm, 9th inning and triple threat was just a prelude.

  4. this looks like the video i posted in june wit this haha.. prolly is

  5. i posted this vid on sv3 page before week ago
    it must other sites notice it..tho it's old vid but it's cool everyone post it maybe tim give us a snippet or sum