Timbaland - "White Wedding"

Alright guys I was waiting for an opportunity to share this with a little more info on it, but here's the track tentatively titled "White Wedding" performed live at South by South West:

Now for the kick, Brian Byrd actually shared this song with some of us via his Vimeo page, but only as behind the scenes footage in studio of Timbaland and J-Roc making this track. So yes that means this joint is another J-Roc co-production! You can download the live recording here.

Now before anyone asks, I do possess footage of the J-Roc in studio clip, though I am not releasing it as it only 40 seconds long and pretty much exactly like the one above, only show J-Roc in the back there a little more, so unless I'm given permission to share it, that particular clip will have to stay locked away.
But overall you guys excited for it?

Now to give credit where credit is due: PROPS TO "jan" from the chatroom!

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