Timbaland Ft. Petey Pablo & Sebastian - "Red Bone"

"Got a Red Bone she look Tropic!"

AT LONG LAST!! This song really goes hard, especially the way Sebastian goes down on his verse, why don't they just release both Tim's and Seb's albums... I mean this is the quality music we are really missing!!
Also it's great to see Petey back in the building, same goes for the Lil Wayne sampling...
(Ahh look at me talking to much again, just get to the point):

One thing now bugs me, will this joint appear on Tim's album or will we just have to settle for it as this  "Festive Releases" only? Meh, time will tell I guess, but for now THIS IS BANGIN!
S/O to Edwin for keepin the site up and running while I've been occupied recently!

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  1. the first verse of timbo is amazing ! the others rappers on this track did not do the same way ???