Sebastian - "Retro"

In a surprise turn of events Timbaland decided to release Sebastian's song "Retro" without Seb's prior consent or permission which has made him kinda mad/sad now as he had a whole video planned for it and everything...
Still we've been craving it and Tim knew we did, so we have it now, and my question is you guys happy? I certainly am as I'm a huge Sebastian fan, but I was fully ready to sit and wait for him to drop it on his own terms. Anyhow this is refreshing to my system!
One more thing, people seem to keep forgetting that the female vocalist on the track is in fact Cherish MiE and for the hook she recorded each word as individual syllables, such as 'Re-tr-o".


  1. I don't think he's mad anymore :D "Retro" is blow-in up. I like it a lot it's different, and only a taste of what's to come. The Timbaland take over has officially begun. I think Wizz_Dumb did his thing, but if Tim but his touch on this track, it would not have been given to us :D It would have been to much for people to handle. Like I said though I like it, takes me to a space party in my head. lol

  2. not good and i don't get it lol, anyway tnx for releasing it brian byrd\timbo