Cherish MiE - Tastemaker's Rebellion Trailer

I really should've had this posted earlier but I'll make up for it by doing it now, originally I was gonna have one of my admins do it, but he has been busy helping out Cherish Mie with her movement #TeamiLuvMiE by managing and promoting pretty much most of Cherish's online ventures.
(The admin in question by the way is TimboDaKingFan, which is why he hasn't posted much here lately).
This venture you see here in the video above is a little teaser for Ms MiE's new mixtape coming soon with Dark Star Entertainment.
It's artists like Cherish whom I admire as she is on of the few who actually keep music real and what it is truly about; everyone having a good time, not just in it for the fame and money...
Now if you want to stay PROPERLY entertained, I suggest checking out their YouTube channel for more updates and surprises, stay tuned, you never know what may hit us!

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  1. this was really good. it definitely makes me want to hear whats coming from her in the future