Justin Timberlake - "Take Back The Night" (Snippet)

Well Justin is certainly moving fast with his 20/20 Experience thang, but then again it was January when we got "Suit & Tie" now it's July and we're already anticipating a part 2 the experience at hand... Are we just greedy for music, or just super excited? You decide... Anyways however tonight we see a sneak peak clip of a joint from the next album entitled "Take Back The Night".  No hints on when either the album or single drops though, guess we'll just continue to play the sit and wait game... (huh-no).

On a much brighter note now and something a little more immediate, remember how Timbaland invested into Hang w/? Well for all you Android users, here is the downloadable app version for all Android markets via Google Play, download here.

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