Timbaland talks "Sorry" and The Blueprint III Leaks

You guys don't need an introduction for this, the title already says enough, here:

Alright so Tim and Jay had their little fall out about "The Blueprint III" leaks, which really affected Tim badly, I even remember a USTREAM Freestyle did in a response to that, however they made up as good friends should, so all good right? Well Tim now reveals over what Jay previously said was an industry problem was actually more of a personal problem. So much so it's extended to a track that Tim has recorded for "Rebirth" (the first track we now know of) entitled "Sorry" with Keri Hilson. In said song Tim gives an apology to Jay for the leaking and on a similar note, Keri apologizes to Beyoncé for their problems in the past (sorry I didn't actually pay much attention to that, feel free to educate me on that).
Well we can see how Tim feels at last about this which is probably why he's entitling his upcoming album "Rebirth". Thoughts?

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