Timbaland next album title "Textbook Timbo"

Very well then, we were all given the impression that "Shock Value III" was in the works, (which it was), but then ultimately got scrapped due to delays.
Then we were told the new project was being called "Rebirth" which as it seems was lost in translation because the ACTUAL title of the next Timbaland album is "Textbook Timbo".
Damn so many name changes, but Tim is serious about this title, so looks as if this is the final working title on the project. (Oh by the way, the album cover above is one I quickly meshed together, it's not the real deal.)
On a more positive note here's a new track by Jay-Z & Tim called "Bounce", but for which album, we don't know yet, could be on Textbook, or perhaps a Magna Carta 2?

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