2013 - A Year of Quality

2013 draws to a close today, for some it already has, for others it shall tomorrow...
This year has been a fantastic year to be a Timbaland #SupaFriend (that's the term Timbo fans call themselves) and also TimStans (the term old-school Timbo fans christened themselves as).

This year was indeed a predicted year of quality music beginning with the wrap up of the 'Timbaland Christmas' sharing stream via Timbaland Thursdays where Timbaland & Sebastian were releasing unreleased jams of theirs, meant to be released on 'Shock Value III' & 'Cruel Intentions' respectively, however sadly both album projects have been shelved, Sebby is still sitting on a LOAD of his unreleased items which he's debating whether or not to share, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Next came the biggest event in the music industry of which we were blessed to be a part of: THE COMEBACK OF JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. At first throughout 2012 we heard numerous rumors about Timbaland & Timberlake hitting the studio to work on songs for a new JT album, which were only finally confirmed to this site & JTFansite by a studio representative, and consequently the next day Justin releases his 'I'm ready' video.
Not long after that we received the very first single "Suit & Tie" by JT featuring Jay-Z with the promise of the next album coming: 'The 20/20 Experience'.

As if that wasn't enough, we received another gem in the form of Bubba Sparxxx's "Splinter" music video showcasing his history in success and times with Tim.
At the same time Keri Hilson was making movements on her third album (currently in the works) and Wizz Dumb launched his newest venture with recording artist Jo'zzy.
And to wrap January up, OneRepublic released the lead single from their third album 'Native' entitled "If I Lose Myself".

With February rolling in we started seeing the new movement by Brasco in his "Beautiful Girls" track.
But even bigger than that Beyoncé had begun her movement on her fifth album and 'Mrs Carter Tour' by showing off not one, but two Timbo produced tracks! Namely "I Been On" & "Grown Woman" the latter of which being included in live performances.

The excitement continued after that with the release of Justin Timberlake's track "Mirrors" and our first glimpse of 'The 20/20 Experience' just before dropping his music video for "Suit & Tie". And squeezed in between these two events we saw a live clip of Tim performing a track called "Take It Easy" which would later be sent to Robin Thicke (see below).

Next came OneRepublic's move on "Native" and gearing themselves for their next big release.
Also at this time our beloved Mike Tompkins unleashed his acapella cover of "Suit & Tie" with the promising teaser of a new track of his with production by Timbaland.
And in this period we received the music video for JT's most successful single of this year.

Soon afterwards Attitude jumped back in our faces by having Timbaland Thursdays share a joint of his called "Whole Lotta" which was our first sign of Timbaland Thursdays making itself a known name once again. The second activity to take place from said site was the snip of the elusive song by Demi Lovato called "Abracadabra". Maybe if we behave we'll see it unleashed in full?
At this point Mike Tompkins gave us his interpretation of the beat from Tim's "White Wedding" in the form of "Shake The Ground".

Now OneRepublic began wrapping up "If I Lose Myself" with the remix by Alesso and started setting the stage for the next single which would quickly become their second biggest overall single after "Apologize"...
It was also during this era that Timbaland announced he was no longer working on "Shock Value III" but rather "Rebirth" in which he was re-inventing himself, this title just becoming the project title after SV3 was scrapped altogether.
Going back to OneR they gave to us the highly anticipated music video for "Counting Stars" the single of which they described as being a gut feeling choice and they'd known all along it was the right decision and boy, THEY WEREN'T KIDDING!

Right after all this we see Timbaland join Beyoncé for a live performance setlist for the 'Chime For Change' concert in London.
Now the husband of Mrs Carter, Mr Carter had unveiled his next big act in the form of "Magna Carter...  Holy Grail" which would feature heavy production by Timbaland! All he simply did was release a stream of videos teasing each song from the album.

In the midst of all this we saw Shawn Chrystopher share the music video of "Biscayne".
Now as mentioned above Robin Thicke was at this time in process of releasing 'Blurred Lines' (the album) which meant we finally saw "Take It Easy On Me" being the new name for the track we heard live solo by Tim.
Don't forget Justin Timberlake now, he was at this stage wrapping up part 1 of 20/20 with the release of "Tunnel Vision".

With this wrap up, JT joined up Jay-Z once again for "Holy Grail" to be released as the lead single off of 'Magna Carter'.
While this was going on, Justin was building up for the release of 'The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2' with the lead single being "Take Back the Night".
And staying on the Hova bus Timbaland revealed the first track he made for his next album entitled "Sorry" featuring Keri which is an apology track to Jay.

Mr Timberlake then suddenly & unexpectedly released the music video for "Take Back the Night" and in the same week the Beyoncé Pepsi hit "Grown Woman" hit the net in full HQ. And to add to the excitement MMG saw the arrival of a new artist named Nyemiah Supreme.
Next we saw the tracklisting for 20/20 2 by Justin.

Juicy J then appeared on the scene with his album 'Stay Trippy' including the track "The Woods" ft. JT which was actually an accident track. Jay-Z also hit the video scene with "Holy Grail" the official video, which remastered the album version of the song.
Justin Timberlake then also did his solo live perfomance at "Rock in Rio" which most likely inspired him to release his next single "TKO" (Total Knock Out).

Moving away from Justin, Cher released her album that featured, as a bonus track, the Timbaland-produced song "I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream" and only two days later, Agnes Monica finally streamed "Coke Bottle" to much critical acclaim.

Going back to Justin 'The 20/20 Eperience 2 of 2' saw it's release at long last which once again featured heavy production by Timbaland.
Meanwhile Nyemiah Supreme was in the midst of releasing the video for her song "Rock & Roll" ft. Timbaland while dropping her album, 'There Can Be More Than 1'.
To cap it off, OneRepublic released a video for the latest single off of their album entitled "Something I Need."

Now Timbaland got ready to make his move, joining Jay-Z on stage, he previewed a new song of his "Know Bout Me" with the official announcement that his next album would be called "Textbook Timbo". This was accompanied by a snippet with Pusha T (unconfirmed if it will appear on Textbook).

DJ Khaled also went and dropped his record "You Don't Want These Problems" in true Khaled style by featuring tonnes of artists on one song.
It was around this point that Justin released the "TKO" video while Dido gave all the old-school fans a REALLY SPECIAL treat, that is the Timbaland Remix to "White Flag" after so many elusive years!!

Timbaland continued to put out his stamp by streaming "Know Bout Me" and releasing the lyric video for it too. At this period too, Tim showed off his new track "Bounce" with Jay-Z slated for Textbook Timbo.
As well as that, Timbaland Thursdays began sharing tracks briefly again in the forms of "Big Spenda" by Brasco & "Stunt" by Attitude.
During all this lastly we see the debut of Brit Smith's "Provocative" prod. by Tim just to add to the 2013 roster.

Finally in a last second surprise move by Beyoncé she unleashed her fifth, self-titled album to iTunes with Music Videos for each track, including a handful produced by Timbaland too!!

So all that's left to say is 2014 is going to be big too! With more singles by Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and maybe OneRepublic, the takeover with Rihanna, the Michael Jackson project, the return of JoDeCi & DeVante, it looks as if 2014 is going to be a continuation of quality from 2013.
(Take a look in the link below for a fan's view of top 10 tracks by Timbaland this year.)


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