Christmas Apologies & Updates

I have not forgotten you guys! But I think a lot of you have forgotten me and this blog anyhow. I know it feels like a lifetime since we spoke about anything, seems like ten days is definitely a lifetime if you're hanging out in Camp Timbo! Allow me to express my apologies for the lack of interaction during this festive season, my work life took over all my free time, including blogging time, yet with 2014 coming, things will start to look up and go back to normal.


First there's the scoop that Tim is filming the video for "Know Bout Me" which is to be expected coming from the first single off of 'Textbook Timbo' both of which should be dropping in 2014 because Timbo has pretty much finished the album except for one song he's brushing up. Once he's sorted out that out it's just a matter of awaiting the green light (praying for no SV3 drama this time!)

Within in the Timbo Camp we welcome a new familiar name to the Mosley Music Group roster, namely James Fauntleroy! Guess all that writing for the last two Timberlake albums and all the other demos they've done together have finally persuaded Tim to hand him a contract, so we can now expect lots of quality written tracks for our MMG artists.

Next comes the more major news: Timbaland is finished working on the Michael Jackson project which has heavy production by him and a few others, most likely Quincy Jones and Freddie Mercury.
Not only that but Tim is back in studio with DeVante Swing to help record for the return album of JoDeCi!! Not sure yet whether or not we'll see 90's production from him or if he'll bring it up to date with his current style.

Finally to conclude Beyoncé released her latest single "Drunk in Love" with Jay-Z this month while next month it get's switched around when Jay-Z will release "Part II (On The Run)" with Beyoncé... The Carters are getting really active lately aren't they?

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