Mark Ballas - Get My Name (Wizz Dumb, Jo’zzy) (14’)

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Dance pro Mark Ballas, who is a two-time pro champ of Dancing With The Stars, debuted his first single on "Dancing With The Stars" titled Get My Name. While collaborating in the studio with Wizz Dumb and Missy Elliott mentored writer Jo'zzy.

' Get My Name touts a soulful but fun, funky pop sound. Together, they describe the co-written record as simply, "infectious and fresh," The video will also drop soon, shot in the contemporary, with a throwback feel, directed by Derek Hough, watch The Making Of... Here. You can cop the single now on iTunes.

Mark Ballas - Get My Name (Teaser) (2014)


Mark Ballas - Get My Name (Live At Dancing With The Stars) (2014)

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