Rapper Common Wants To Work With Timbaland

G.O.O.D. Music's Common recently talked about the making of his new Nobody's Smiling album and revealed what two mega producers he has yet to work with. Despite having Kanye West, The Roots, No I.D., The Neptunes, DJ Premier and The Roots under his belt, Common immediately dished on who is still on his list.

"Well, everyone except Dr. Dre and Timbaland. You definitely take the lessons you learned from all of them. With No I.D., I learned about actually making music, because he was a musician. He kind of reminds you of what we're doing this for, the purpose. His agenda is the culture of hip-hop, staying true and improving it. Like, the conversations we have -- wherever they come up -- it's always a reminder. Like, "Hey man, we know the radio is this, we know you been to the White House. That's cool. But you're a hip-hop dude and this is what we do this for." Common’s ‘Nobodys Smiling’is now on iTunes.


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