Milli Beatz Signs Worldwide Co-Publishing Deal With ole-Bluestone

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ole-Bluestone, the music publishing co-venture of ole and super-producer Timbaland, has signed a worldwide co-publishing deal with producer/songwriter Jetmir Salii, professionally known as Milli Beatz. The agreement gives ole-Bluestone co-publishing rights to Milli's catalog, which includes tracks on upcoming albums from Tink, Zendaya, and Bryson Tiller, among others.

"ole is proud to continue our successful relationship with Timbaland by signing Milli Beatz, a key member of his production team, to our co-venture," said Robert Ott, Chairman and CEO of ole. "Milli is a creative mastermind with no ceiling to his talent," said ole-Bluestone's Eric Spence. "He has a bright future in front of him, and ole-Bluestone is dedicated to bringing it to fruition."


"Huge thanks to Timbaland and ole-Bluestone for hooking me up with some of the best musicians in the world and giving me the opportunity to build my career," said Milli. "I've got some great projects lined up and can't wait to work with ole-Bluestone to make sure they find their way to as many ears as possible." Based in Germany, Milli Beatz's career in music began when his mother bought him his first Casio Keyboard, after which he saved up the money to buy the computer program FL Sound and began making his own beats.

Before long, he was discovered by Timbaland, whose music had been a major influence on Milli, and was flown to the U.S. to record in Tim's Thomas Crown Studios. Milli has since produced and co-wrote "Around The Clock" and "L.E.A.S.H." by Tink as well as Bryson Tiller's "Sorry Not Sorry." Now, he is set to write and produce for a variety of major artists and songwriters through ole-Bluestone. Milli Beatz is managed by Larry Lyons for Livehouse Entertainment ( Bernard Resnick, Esq., of Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C. negotiated the deal on behalf of Milli Beatz.

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