Petey Pablo Talks Timbaland (October 6th)

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Freek-A-Leek” emcee talks writing “Snitch Bitch” and three more songs in 24 hours for “Empire.” Following months of speculation and anticipation, Fox recently dropped the trailer for season two of its ratings juggernaut Empire. A lot has changed since viewers were first introduced to the Lyon family in early January. Head patriarch Lucious discovered his diagnosis of ALS was something a lot less life threatening yet, was charged with the killing his former friend Bunky and finds himself currently incarcerated.

This a 180 from the series beginning with his ex-wife Cookie being released from prison. Getting over the closeted homosexual hump, middle son Jamal takes over Empire Enterprises and even manages to get a little Suge Knight-ish during a few episodes. Meanwhile, oldest son Andre is still coming to terms with his bipolar disorder. Empire Enterprises’ greatest threat comes when Hakeem forms an alliance with Lucious’ ex-fiance Annika who is possibly helping a rival record label. Wrapping everything together is Cookie’s power struggle to get the piece of the company that is deserved. As the second season of Empire is surely set possibly break more viewership records, DX is proud to present the next edition of “Empire State Of Mind.”


Already becoming the greatest diss record of 2015, it was quite surprising to see Terrence Howard get back to faux rapper thing since Hustle & Flow came out ten years ago for “Snitch Bitch.” Regardless of how people feel about the controversial actor, he’s good at playing sympathetic anti-heroes. Especially very believable rappers with questionable qualities. Going from pimping in Memphis’ darkest hood to the luxury Philly office of Empire Enterprise as Lucious Lyon, he’s done it yet again this week.

This time however, Howard brought North Carolina’s elder statesman Petey Pablo along for the primetime family drama ride. The story is almost coincidental. Who to thought an off the cuff loan of $200 dollars years back would eventually lead to such an opportunity. Greatest lesson learned from this ladies and gentlemen? One never knows how one random act of kindness can supplement the future. Getting in contact with Petey Pablo after his primetime television debut on Fox’s Lee Daniels pushed series, the “Rise Up” emcee talks relating to Luscious’ jail situation.

DX: We all know that Timbaland serves as the music supervisor for Empire. What went into the process of working with him again on “Snitch Bitch?”
Petey Pablo: When Terrence said, “I need you for Empire.” I asked him about what he needed me to do. He said, “I want you to write music for the show because we got good music on there but it’s missing that feeling.” He was like, “You have really been there and done that so no one can really speak about that and also being a prolific artist” and those are his exact words. I asked him what he wanted them to be about. He gave me the guidelines and told me exactly what was going to happen in each scene. He told me exactly what was going to happen on the show. He pretty much said that he wanted these songs to go with these scenes. I was like ok cool. I hung up the phone and went directly to work. In 24 hours, I sent that man four songs. They picked two of them and “Snitch Bitch” was one of them. “Snitch Bitch” really blew Fox away. They were like, "there’s no one person who could have written this song in 24 hours." We have another song that we’re trying to find the right scene for at the moment. After that, they brought me in for filming and being the genuine guy I am, everybody loved me. They were like, Petey was a great guy to work with. I really appreciated but for me it was natural.  

DX: You did have experience from your time in jail.
Petey Pablo: Yeah, so you’re talking about something I actually know.

DX: When I spoke to your manager earlier, you were in a long conversation with Timbaland. Working with your longtime collaborator in that environment must have been different right?
Petey Pablo: Me and Timbo been brother since 2000. The first time we met was the beginning of this long lasting relationship. We’re always working. Regardless of me putting music out or not, I have so much music together. The crazy thing about it is that the music we did ten years ago, still has substance to be played with the music out today. We were listening to records the other day and the kids in the room with us were like we should put them out. We looking at each other like we did them records seven years ago. It goes to say that when you have two creative that make great timeless music, it don’t matter. For the most part, it’s great to have an individual that you can be brothers with. We’re brothers outside of the music, but we’re musical brothers. When I say musical brothers, the music that we do, we do it because there’s a love for the music. We’re not doing it just to put out an album. If an album opportunity presents itself, sure, we can consider it. Right now, it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

DX: Will we see Clyde again?
Petey Pablo: Hell yeah you going to see Clyde again. With the grace of God, the love from Lee Daniels and we this ears of Timbaland, yes you will.

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