Rahk x OuttaOrbitEntertainment.com Interview

Here is a new Interview by Timbaland’s producer Rahk with OuttaOrbitEntertainment, where they talk about Rahk’s involvement with Timbaland, check it out below.

What was your first introduction to music? Does your family come from a musical background?
Introduction came by way of church. My mom played piano and growing up in COGIC u really see an emphasis on music.

Who are your artist and producer influences?
Timbaland, The Neptunes, Kanye, Polow, Quincy, Babyface. Anybody doing inspiring music that pushes the envelope really. I have my favorites but Im inspired by originality period.


What age were you when you created your first beat?
first beat I was probably 11? Something like that.

How has your sound evolved over the years?What do you do now when producing that you didn’t do earlier in your career?
I went from a sample producer into original pieces based around musicality. I’ve been learning how to play with sonics and that has evolved my sound I think.

You’ve worked with a lot of influential artists in the industry. Which one has been the best to work with thus far?
Missy Elliott my favorite overall.

Is there an artist(s) whether they are indie or major that you would like to work with and why?
Anybody with good music and that wants to push the envelope. The game is full of “Mr Me Toos”. Everything songs like a remix of the last hot song and it’s starting to bother me- So I want to work with anybody who dares to be different really.

You received a major co-sign with Super Producer Timbaland and even signed to his production team. What’s the story behind that? How does it feel to be working with one of your idols?
I worked hard, provided some joints and Tim loved it. It was at a point in my life where I had lost everything and restarted so the FULL story behind that I want to keep, but trust me that was a monumental point in my life.

What are you currently working on as of right now?
My own project, Tink. V Bozeman, Missy, Tims album, working with some writers and indie artists as well.

What advice would you give aspiring producers?
Be yourself and push the envelope in everything u do. No matter what it is, be yourself within it. Dont just follow the leader, be the leader.

What is your Top 5 favorite beats of all time?
The Potion by Luda, I still love you by 702, Grindin by Clipse, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, Take Away by Missy (Its always the first progression I tend to play on any set of keys, true story)

What is the one beat that you wished you had produced?
The Potion. Man Tim, why u do that man? I would box Tyson for a round with the gloves off just to say I was there when Tim made that beat man. Its just like the craziest beat I had ever heard and til this day I dont think anybody has created anything that was that amazing to me.

What is the one album you wish you would have added your production to?
Blueprint 3.

How can one find you online and get in contact with you about beat inquires?
Only1Rahk on like everything. Inquiries@Only1Rahk.com. Website is Only1Rahk.com also.

Any Final Words or Shout Outs?
Shoutout Awesomenezz, Destin, Cymandye, Magoo, Timbaland, Missy, T Newsome, Zell, Rico Beats, Blue, Schoolboy Q, uh we will be here all day lol If u know me or inspire me/ I inspire you shoutout to you as well!

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