Joe Budden Talks About Old Timbaland Track 'Whatcha Doin''

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Rapper Joe Budden revealed to in 2008 that he has a Timbaland track worth 100k, which was planned for his second studio album ’Padded Room’, but it didn’t make the final cut. A lot of these rappers feel they need A-list production to break into mainstream. Do you feel you need a Just Blaze or Timbaland to do that?
Joe Budden: No, I got a Timbaland track in my computer right now that I paid $100 grand for that never came out, that I never did anything with. So just because you go to these big name producers doesn't mean, doesn't guarantee that you're going to come away a record. When you're independent, the way I am this second, it doesn't really make sense to go spend $30, 40, 50, 60, 70 grand on a beat. That doesn't make sense. You just need to go harder with beat selection. I got a track on my first album called "Give Me A Reason" that Just Blaze produced that everybody hated. So I mean it don't really guarantee that, but I love Just Blaze, let me say that.


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