Timbaland Talks ’Aaliyah’ Track ’Shakin’: “I’ve Asked Aaliyah’s Family For Permission“

Timbaland asked Aaliyah’s family for permission to put an unreleased song on his new mixtape. Timbaland is fresh off of releasing his late 2015 mixtape King Stay King, and is currently wrapping up a club tour promoting the project. At the Grammys, he was on hand for his work as music producer for Empire, wearing a knapsack and shades as he reflected on one of the release’s standout songs,

Shakin” featuring Aaliyah. “I asked the family if I could get it,” he said. “I just wanted to touch it up. A lot of the stuff is on the Internet now, so that was fortunately not already leaked. I wanted to give it to the fans.” Up next is his new album, which is scheduled to drop in April, and he confirms that he needs to finish up a few songs that he has in the can with Missy Elliot, who he says is still in the studio working on her long-awaited project.


 Timbaland - Shakin' feat. Aaliyah & Strado (15')

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