Brad Paisley Releases Timbaland Collaboration ‘Grey Goose Chase’ & ‘Solar Power Girl’

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Brad Paisley just released his eleventh studio album titled Love & War with two collaboration with Timbaland on the bluegrass rave-up "Grey Goose Chase" and the countrified "Solar Power Girl. "He didn't want to come in and turn me into something like what he does; he wanted to see how what he does can be a natural fit, he said early on, 'I think where we collide the best is bluegrass.' He had a couple of guys who were going in and beating on the banjo while Kendal [Marcy] played it and they'd make a loop out of that and it sounds like a jug band." Paisley talks about how the Timbaland tracks came about.

Image Hosted by "Timbaland and his crew made ample use of the well-stocked bar that Paisley built in his studio while recording Moonshine in the Trunk. "[They] drank me out of my bar, It cost more for that session in alcohol than it did in any sort of [studio] time. It was nuts. We had a bonfire and smoked cigars and made s'mores. One of the guys caught his first fish while he was here. We did have a good time." Make sure to cop the album now on iTunes and check out the tunes below.

Brad Paisley - Grey Goose Chase feat. Timbaland (17') Brad Paisley - Solar Power Girl feat. Timbaland (17') *

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