Shock Value III - "Album Sound"

I've been thinking about doing this post for sometime now, it is about the overall sound of SV3, just like how SV1 sounded epic, while SV2 sounded a little bubblegum pop.
Now based upon the songs that have been released here's what we've got:


We know that song sounds way too epic and at first we thought it was going to go on SV3. However a little while after Tim released the snippet Magoo jumped on the track and added his verse and Timbo decided that Warped should go onto Block Party.


This song leaked at around the same time that Paper, Scissors, Rock leaked as well, probably by mistake or intention? There is still debate over whether or not this was meant for F.A.M.E. or SV3, so we'll have to wait until the album comes out to find out.


Released as a buzz single near the end of 2011 to help Interscope promote their new book CULO and reportedly the first single off of SV3. There is however no indication so far if it is the lead single for the album or even if it will still appear on the final cut.


Western Union Singing Telegram was launched in December 2011 and during the Christmas period and these two songs were made available to record your vocals in karaoke style to send off to friends/family as a personalized holiday greeting. However it is unlikely that Little Drummer Boy will make the album but yet there is the possibility that This Lady could make the final cut, despite the fact that Tim actually wanted to throw it away.


With the recent release of Break Ya Back to the radio airwaves, DJ's, media websites, fans have all been going crazy over the track. Above posted is the newly released Dirty Version which contains an EXTRA verse by Timbaland.

So with all these sounds in mind we can so far say that Shock Value III is just plainly going to sound epic! Timbaland has kept his promise about bringing his beats back to where they belong. All in all the sound Shock Value III is going to be amazing!

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  1. c'mon.. naked definitely won't be on the album