Throwback Sunday #5: Missy Elliott - Scream aka Itchin'

Ok, I'm pretty sure no one will give a damn bout my throwbacks because of all the new joints coming, but this is my duty so here we go. Since we're all waiting for Tim's reunion with Missy for Block Party and SV3, I'm gonna post some classic Missy/Timbo shit to warm ya'll up before the real boom. I'll be doing this every week until we finally get the new stuff released, here's the first one:

This one is propably my fav Missy joint right now. Dope beat - pure heat. And Tim on the chorus, definitely some next level, even today. This is what I call CLASSIC MISSY.

Song taken from The Transporter OST. Have fun while listening!


  1. I agree, Timeless! Still bangin this in my car :)

  2. Haha, that's how real players roll :P