Throwback Sunday #6: Missy Elliott Feat. Aaliyah - Best Friends

Well, I have no idea if there will be any R&B tracks on Block Party or if Missy's gonna back Tim with her singing on SV3 but since we're going non-stop Missy, here's one of my fav Timbo-produced R&B tracks out there:

Things I LOVE in this record:

- the beat (juicy, funky, romantic - perfect!)

- Aaliyah being on it (this song kinda fits into One In A Million album, it's also fresh and sensitive thanks to her)

- Tim's vocoder singig (hell yeah! I always enjoy listening to vocoder, no matter who's singing, but this really rocks)

Anyway, it's just dope. How else can you describe a classic? I like the whole Supa Dupa Fly LP, but this joint and Friendly Skies are my best ones.

And here's a little quest for ya'll - Missy recorded another song with Aaliyah for one of her other albums, which is some kind of an unofficial "sequel" to today's throwback. Can you name the song and the album it comes from?

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