Throwback Sunday #8: Virginia Williams Feat. Missy Elliott - Let Me In Your Life

I know not many of you guys heard this song, and the bassment tape itself was very underrated. That's why I thought it would be cool to post some older, pre-'96 music for you to enjoy. And I'm also in love with Virginia's voice. I have no idea how she didn't make it to legend status, her singing is soooo good! She sounded like a R&B diva from the very start, who knows what masterpieces would've been released, if someone gave her a chance. Listen:

Some parts sound similiar, right? The drums (and also the beginning, with Missy's speech) were later recycled for Ginuwine's "When Doves Cry" and the synths were reused for Aaliyah's "Heartbroken". I know both G's and Liyah's songs are awesome, but I'd really love to have the Virginia one released one day (CD quality)...

And what's your opinion? Would you like to get Virginia's song released, instead of recycling it in two others? Tell us in the comment section.


  1. To really re-iterate some things into a better light, I took the time out to re-produce this song. (The Instrumental) it sounds like the original track which is rare...because most Timbaland tracks that anybody has produced hasn't come close to how mine sound. I'm not being cocky; no...but overall i think the fans would appreciate the song. I'm Actually pushing the market to see if i can get the song to become Urban Crossover R&B. so hope you guys dig the track and share it with your friends. thanks. God Bless.

    -Jacob C. Thompson aka "Jay-Play"
    (CEO Of KNM Records/ Da Bassment Inc.2012)

    1. We will do so long as we see it and enjoy it!

  2. Where is the song??? Virginia is a beast. I need to hear more of her.

  3. Virginia Williams - Let Me In Your Life (Instrumental) (DJ) (93')

  4. Say, whatever happen to Virginia Williams? She was like many R&B singers and rappers who hung around Timbaland don't last long, however they were very talented.