Timbaland - "Carry Out" Behind The Scenes

Thanks to Boodi Bin Timbo, I am proud to present to y'all a quick snip of a behind-the-scenes look at the "Carry Out" music video shoot with Bryan Barber. It is is quite clear that this video was meant to be released during the Shock Value II days as promo, most likely alongside the "Carry Out" teaser video. It's also interesting to see that Reign went to the shoot as well:

So consider this clip our little tribute to newly wedded Mr & Mrs Timberlake, for those who don't know or have been living in a cave, Justin married Jessica Biel! Justin proposed to her in December 2011 and the two tied the knot on October 19th 2012, so here's to wishing the happy couple a long, prosperous and happy marriage!


  1. damn i thought "carry out" BTS quality is betta on youtube! -_- ,, i still have the "carry out" performance i'll upload it later

    1. another good place for HD videos is Vimeo, although you wouln't get a big enough audience there

    2. here's the last video of this trilogy http://youtu.be/OkvDuLW_UIQ
      there's some1 from da chat was asking about it give it to him