Timbaland & Beyoncé Chime For Change Performances

Damn how I wish I could've at least watched this on TV, such a shame on my part, but in any case here are the live sets from the Chime For Change concert fundraiser.
We'll start with Timbo and Freestyle's setlist which included:

It's great to see Tim is on good terms with Duran Duran REGARDLESS of what officials say, I mean come on, they performed a duo cover of their own song, that's gotta speak for something right?
The only gripe I have is if he was gonna perform SexyBack and Promiscuous, why not bring Justin and Nelly on with him? It could've been a more explosive performance with them. Personally if I were in charge I would've had Tim perform "Hands In The Air" or "Take It Easy" you know, something recent of his to help promote himself, anywho that's just me ranting, let's continue to the official debut of the Timbaland-produced, Beyoncé hit, "Grown Woman"...

AHH I LOVE IT! (Especially since I'm from Africa). Tell you what the cameramen get such an awesome job to cover this!

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