THROWBACK PLUS POLL: Aaliyah - "Are You That Somebody?"

Ok time crack on with business, gonna do another double feature post:
Starting with the throwback for the month I thought I'd go with "Are You That Somebody?" by our beloved Aaliyah which can be found on the Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack.
Have a listen:

Moving on to the poll part of this entry, Imma stick with the Aaliyah theme but bring it up to current events.
Namely, what would you have Tim do with Aaliyah in today's music scene?

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  1. The baby sample is not Aaliyah lol!

    1. Of course it isn't Aaliyah... The baby sample comes from a song called Playtime by Chris Stein... It was recorded in seventies - long time before Tim used it for BabyGirl

    2. oops, my bad, i think i read from a bogus source